The art of showing up for your inspiration daily

It’s funny how it always happens. The writing that is. Every single day I open a fresh word document and stare at the blank piece of paper, willing something to come forth, I show up for my inspiration even when I don’t necessarily have any idea where to begin that particular day or what, or I know where to start. So instead, I just start.

I just start tapping away at the keys, maybe writing what’s around me or a private journal note to myself, and just like that, a moment of inspiration comes, as it always does.

The same exact thing happened this morning. I was sitting in a beautiful café in Noosa before the rest of the world is really up, drinking what I honestly believe is the worlds best cup of coffee and a moment of divine inspiration came from the notion of this whole ethos of ‘just start’, of showing up for your inspiration even if you’re not sure she’s coming.

You see, my act of writing even when I feel ready, even if I feel a creative spark in the moment doesn’t stop me from beginning. I know if I sit at my computer, and just show up for the writing process –  magic will eventually show up too. But it wouldn’t if I didn’t just BEGIN.

The same could be said for so many other things in our lives.

We want change.

We seek adventure.

We desire that bold love story.

And yet we aren’t even taking that first step in the journey to begin, telling whatever power that be you believe in that you’re ready.

Because if there is one thing I have learned, when you move, the universe moves. (Pop in God or Ghandi or Allah or whatever else spiritual belief you have if universe doesn’t resonate with you).

You take a step, the universe takes a step. You be courageous in showing up, the universe will equal parts show up for you.

So many times we let go of the very things in our life that may bring us joy, or stop following our curiosities because we aren’t feeling inspired in that moment, failing to realise that if we just BEGUN, the very inspiration we seek is at the other side of that beginning.

For arguments sake, let’s just take my writing as the perfect example.

I love to write. Like, I LOVE to write. It’s a practice and a habit that I will always circle back to. Always. But for a long time there, I stopped. I stopped for a multitude of reasons, ‘not having enough time’ was one of them (HAAAAA not even an excuse ever more like I wasn’t prioritising my time right around what brings me JOY) but another huge one was I just wasn’t sure anymore WHAT I would write about.

And then one day I woke up and missed it so much I didn’t even care that I wasn’t sure what I would write or if my creative juices would return, I just sat down and told myself I wasn’t leaving my desk until something showed up for me, anything showed up for me. And as soon as my fingers started tapping at the keys words and feelings of creativity started to show back up for me.

But if I hadn’t of had the courage just to sit down and get clear with the fact I was going to stick at the ‘thing’ until I produced something, anything, a whole other week (or month, or YEAR) would have passed by without me writing again.

I want to turn it over to you though? What is it for you?

Do you love going to the beach, running, pilates, yoga, getting back in to sport surfing, painting, adventure, quilting, drawing, (I could go on and on and on here) but keep saying the time isn’t right, or the moment isn’t calling for it, or whatever other lie (because that’s what it is) you keep telling yourself.

Because I am telling you right now, that you just need to show up to it.

Put those running shoes on and just take the first step out of the door.

Book the app for yoga or pilates, get in the car and turn the key.

Pick up your surf board, and go to the beach (even if you don’t get out, you took the first steps).

Pick up the paintbrush and just splash something, ANYTHING on a piece of paper.

The point is you don’t need to make anything perfect, we aren’t going for perfect, we are going for progress. Because in my books progress IS perfect.

And if you keep thinking that you have to wait for the inspiration to come before you sit to get in your creative flow, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. BUT, and here is where the magic lies, you show up for your passion BEFORE the inspiration hits, the very act of showing up for it will allow it to flow through.

You know the magic I am talking about too.

You could have put off going to yoga all week, because you just weren’t “feeling” it. Then you force yourself to go on a particularly busy day, and you and that Mat connect like never before (I’m talking move over Ghandi you could write a whole book on peace and meditation) and you walk out of there thinking WHY did you not just push yourself to go in the first place.


You could have slept in all week telling yourself you’re too sore or tired this week to do your morning run, but then in one forced moment at the end of the week, you FORCE yourself to climb out of bed, put your running shoes on and head out the door – and that morning you hit your stride like never before and feel a trillion dollars walking back in the door hot and sweaty.


You could have been avoiding your laptop for days putting off writing that blog piece or big status for the week, telling yourself you have writers block. But when you finally DO sit with the blank piece of paper staring at you and you just start tapping away at the keys to write, words flow through where you don’t even know where they’re coming from and you get the whole piece done in record time.


But you know what?

There are also going to be those days you will show up for it, and get whatever your ‘it’ is done, and inspiration still didn’t come a knockin’ let alone a rockin’.

And you know what? That’s ok too. Because that’s just life, and you just have to be ok with it. Remember, it’s not always going to be perfect, we don’t need perfect, we need progress.

The point is you just need to show up to your passion or what lights you up regardless of the outcome. To show up for it for the love of it, never expecting anything of ‘it’ in return.

I don’t write for any other reason than I love doing it. I don’t write for anyone but me. Each time I pour something on a blank piece of paper it’s as if I think not one soul will read it, I show up to it because I love it, it’s that simple. And yet over the years, because I have shown up for it, people DO read it and it has rewarded me some phenomenal things. But with or without that reward, my writing and I are bound over some sacred daily devotion.

Showing up for your joy or love of something isn’t some big life shattering change either.

It’s nothing grandiose.

It’s nothing outstanding.

It’s nothing earth shatteringly profound.

It’s just you doing what you love, every single day, whether inspiration has struck or not, that’s all.

But isn’t that life personified? I believe that life is simply a series of beautiful moments withheld in each day, and it’s when those days are strung together you create a masterpiece with your life.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose every day.

You don’t need to go for outstanding in every moment.

Your days don’t have to be continuously profound.

What you can strive for though is that beautiful moment withheld in your day, every day, showing up for the love of something – be it reading, or writing, or running, or singing or cooking – and when you turn around, in weeks and months and years to come, its those moments you showed up for whether you felt inspired or not, that will make you realise what a divine masterpiece you have created with your life.

You don’t need the perfect time, or the perfect setting, or the perfect inspiration, or the perfect conditions to start, you just need to start.

And I hope you start today.

Don’t ever forget it’s your DAYS that turn in to your weeks, then its your weeks that turn in to your months, and your months that turn in to your years. It’s not about having a great year, it’s about making phenomenal days, because it’s our days that create our year.

So start today.

Show up for the love of your favourite things in every day, and I promise your life will become the masterpiece you deserve.

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