The boyfriend shirt

[ Equipment – Signature Shirt – Peacoat from Zara Bryson Shop – $245 ]

Typically I’m not one to dress in anything that might make me feel like I’m heading to work if I’m not headed to work, or something without a lot of shape, but that has all changed recently with my new love of ‘the boyfriend shirt’. I have started to crave the warm sun after our cold Winter that can only mean beach swims and cute dress weather is on it’s way.

[ Milka Shirt from Cotton On – $34.95 ]

The boyfriend shirt is going to be my perfect staple as we move from cooler to warmer weather and can be worn a variety of ways which makes it, in my eyes, a suitable and practical staple for building the perfect wardrobe. You’ll find me dressing it up with a blazer and tucked in to jeans, or a cute leather jacket, & dressing it down with some denim shorts and tying it at the waist (don’t forget the right shoes & accessories). The two pics show that you can still dress on trend if you have a smaller budget – The blue shirt is $245, whilst the white is $34.95 – you pay for quality of course but either could be rocked with the right confidence.


  1. Lindsay Reply

    Thanks for the comment, love! I’m a huge fan of bf shirts! I’m actually wearing one today! 🙂

  2. Rapuncela Reply

    you have a beautiful pink dress on right side of your blog 😉
    do you wanna follow me? I’m following you 🙂

  3. Frances Reply

    While I like that Zara boyfriend shirt you posted, it doesn’t have to be that expensive since these kinds of shirts were meant to be “borrowed” from your boyfriend anyway.

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