The girl behind the website
As most of you wouldn’t be aware I started my first small business last year that I dub my apprenticeship to entrepreneurship. The business? A free dating website for 18 to 30 year olds. The difference between my site and the other major ones? Well for starters it has a set age limit (you can only join and interact if you’re between 18 and 30) and it has areas on the site where you can read up on my own personal reviews on first date ideas and a section where there are dating articles. Why did I start it? Well I LOVE business and all things related and certainly wanted to branch out in to my first one when I felt ready, 22 was when I felt ready so off I went with idea generation.
Possibly Maybe came about from having a love of dating, relationships, advice, socialising – everything the site is, I had and have a passion for. I wanted to give that age group (my age group) a space where they could go, minus “older” ( I mean no disrespect!) users who might contact them. I also wanted to re ignite the dating culture amongst us and to equip the generation with date etiquette – basically provide the singles, plus the date ideas PLUS articles relevant to us all and I continue to aim to do this. I would have LOVED to have hit the ground running with my site the minute/hour/day it was launched, but although I’m following my passion with entrepreneurship, I’m also a realist so kept my day job (a day job I do Love though). The day job however means majority of my time is given to that which leaves my nights for Possibly Maybe. That’s fine, however to grow Possibly Maybe, it relies on Marketing and well, Marketing is one of my weaknesses. And this is where I am today. I have a site that I believe in and am passionate for, that I’m learning from & that I have vision for. It might take time, but I believe that if it’s meant to be I will grow it to where I believe it can go (nationally!). I look forward to the challenges and the lessons I will learn on the way.
So why share this all with you. Well this is my passion. This is why I do what I do and who I am. The blog was inspired because of what I want to do in life which is entrepreneur (the same as someone wanting to be an architect or librarian – it’s what YOU want to do) and shares with people not just the girl behind the website but also whatever else my next project is. So whilst I continue on in my quest of a fulfilled life meaning no one harm & aiming to always have the best intentions I ask you respect who I am, where I’ve come from & where I hope to go.

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