To attract a king, you have to be a Queen

This weeks dating advice comes to you lovelies first even before I post it on my other website – Possibly Maybe. I was really passionate about this particular issue when I was writing about it and wanted to share it with you all especially, I hope you enjoy xx
To attract a King act like a Queen

You get what you give.

Have you ever heard the old saying ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’? Probably a million times, and yet why does there seem to be such a disconnect of this behaviour when it comes to relationships? We’ve all been witness to couples where you think “God, she (or he!) doesn’t deserve someone like that, why would they stay if they’re treated like shit”, and we’ve also got those couple friends who respect and love one another beautifully and were made for each other. My verdict to this?
To attract a King, you have to be a Queen.

Let’s for a moment put aside the notion of fairytale endings, and one true loves, and accept that we live in a world where relationships take work, hard work sometimes, mutual respect and taking the lows with the highs. Generally in life, it is a given, that you are always going to get back what you put out, so why would that be any different in a relationship?
I’m going to say it again.
To attract a King, you have to be a Queen.
Insecurity breeds insecurity, jealously breeds jealously and bad behaviour encourages bad behaviour. A healthy and loving relationship comes from two mutually respectful people who understand each other and both want to put the work, trust, love and friendship in to one another. If you’re going to be insecure and jealous of your partner (not King & Queen behaviour at all) and then get confused or annoyed when your partner turns around and portrays the same jealously and insecurity then chances are you shouldn’t be in a relationship to begin with.

So where to from here? Well to be honest, acting like this hypothetical Queen is about the person that you are and needs to come from within so no amount of advice can change you if you aren’t ready or don’t want it. Living by simple rules such as believing the universe will give back to you what you give out, and treating people with respect is a start. Loving your King un conditionally, flaws and all, and recognising friendship is just as an important aspect of your relationship is crucial.  
Be kind, love hard, like AND love one another and respect your partner in the highest regard.
And remember…..
You will always get what you give.


P.s I feel I need a disclosure on this one saying in no way do I feel I have at all mastered this behaviour or relationship… I adore Mr M and love and respect him unconditionally but of course we still have faults and flaws like any relationship. I write from life experience and as a witness to life, especially when it comes to Possibly Maybe dating articles so don’t take this as preaching. I need to read the advice frequently myself. It’s just a little love observation from a girl who loves hard and does try to be a good person.


  1. Kek Kek Angela Reply

    interesting post !!<3
    Thank you for your comment, dear.
    Make sure you come and visit me in singapore. LOL.
    Keep in touch!

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  2. Carol Reply

    It’s true!thank you for your advices! 🙂

  3. Erin Reply

    Awesome post, Anna! I totally agree with you-and this is exactly the advice that I needed right now. I feel like it was written for me!


    Erin @

  4. Anna Reply

    @Erin – I love it when things like that happen. You read something right when you’re meant to and you swear it was written just for you. I had an urge to write this article and it flowed SO easily so it was meant to be. You are a Queen though lovely so just remember that when attracting the opposite sex. xx

  5. Jayme and Mendi Reply

    I love this post and agree with you wholeheartedly! 🙂 Love all of the photos are the end too! Have a great weekend!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Josie Reply

    This is SUCH good advice, doll. It only makes sense that you have to put out a certain vibe if you want to get the kind of person you’re looking for. And I love those quotes; especially the one about picking your battles… I’m a big believer in that!
    xo Josie

  7. alicia Reply

    such a true post!! and great advice. xoxo

  8. Margaret Reply

    aww – what a beautifully written post! x

  9. Melissa Tchieu Reply

    Ur blog has one of the most interesting writeups ive seen ard. U caught me to read all of it. Very interesting n inspired to be a Queen to my king Bf. 🙂

    Following u for more posts…<3

  10. bgrace Reply

    so true, love really does take alot of work.. i loVE the pictures too xox

  11. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, I completely agree. I´ve been in my relatiosship for almost six years and it does take a hard work and sometimes even other people can break conflicts between us. But it´s always up to us to solve everything. Our relationship almost finished when my boyfriend didn´t treat me right. xoxo Eve.h

  12. Julia Reply

    I really adore your article cause I can feel you! We all know how we have to act and sometimes we need to say that just to listen those on owrselves and remember how we have to act at our partners. We aren’t perfect but we try everyday!!!! Great post sweetie!

  13. Jennifer Fabulous Reply

    This is perfect advice! Not many girls realize how true it is. I know so many of them who act like witches and complain that their bf doesn’t wait on them hand and foot! :S

  14. hope in high heels Reply

    I think this is exactly right – you need to put each other on a pedestal and work hard at your relationship together (equally), always x

  15. S + T Reply

    Beautifully written, and with a great selection of photos to accompany your post 🙂

    xx T
    Le Fanciulle
    (P.s. as a Perth blogger, i’ve added you to our little collection of Perth blogs! wooo it’s so fun to find more Perth girls who blog 😀 )

  16. A. Reply

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring post! I agree with the comment above, it’s well written and speaks from the heart. I’m sure you treat Mr. M like a King:) I think some of these principles could be applied to platonic relationships, as well. We reap what we sow:)

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend! -A


  17. O Reply

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for your nice post on the panter eye make-up! Lovely story and love the pictures! Hope you have a great week, mine could be better 🙂 xo odessa (teasoftime).

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