To Paris, with love

Dear Paris,


Just wow.

What a remarkable, beautiful, magical, inconceivable, extraordinary city you are. Where do I even begin? 
We arrived by your rail system when the sun had set so got to experience exactly just why you’re called ‘city of lights’ from the minute we arrived. Coming out of the subway and having the Eiffel tower in front of us, lit up like it was is something I will remember forever. 
I can’t quite explain just how you made me feel… it was like it was Christmas eve and I was 7 years old again not able to sleep as I knew how many presents I got to open the next morning…except, I’m not 7 and it wasn’t Christmas eve. I’m 24, it’s November, and there were no presents, just pure & utter exhilaration & adoration for your parks, streets food & sights, the whole city was ours to unwrap and I literally couldn’t sleep from excitement. 
You have this romantic vibe to you that is undeniable, I connected to the energy like it was nobodies business, in fact, you probably saw Morgs & I stop to steal a kiss at one too many of your sidewalks or cafes but I’m sure you’re already used to that. 
I feel like the Champs Elysees & I had a connection, like a real connection – of all the beauty and all the sights and all the wow that you have to offer, I just couldn’t stay away from this street. The Christmas Markets were running along them, which admittedly could have only strengthened the connection. Walking the stalls and stopping every second or third to try a new piece of chocolate, marshmellow, nutella crepe, ice cream or churros really had me adoring the whole experience. 
Oh & don’t even get me started on the ice skating. I sent you such loving vibes after Morgs & I were walking home hand in hand after our night of ice skating. You probably saw me pinch myself more than once, literally, it just didn’t feel real. I adored Morgs did it with me, I think you had something to do with that however, your magic vibe is inescapable. 
I couldn’t name a highlight, no siree, all that we did and all that we saw was so so so amazing and special in it’s own right. Night one, we hadn’t even been in your city 2 hours and we were sailing the Seine River on a luxurious boat, dining on 4 courses of delicious food & too much wine. The whole experience was totally and utterly unforgettable, cruising on a glass boat seeing all the monuments lit up, live music cooing in the background with the wine flowing, it was just too perfect for words. We were also utterly flawed by the live Moulin Rouge show we took in with the champagne flowing a plenty of course. The whole show start to finish had me gasping and oh my god’ing – you really do know how to put on a good night of entertainment. 
I don’t really properly have words to describe my awe, love & fascination with your mighty structure that is the Eiffel Tower. Morgs & I made sure to visit a few times to really soak the whole experience and atmosphere in properly. One of my favourite evenings happened when we decided after a solid 8 hours of exploring your streets and museums that we’d just ‘quickly’ go across the street to visit it again. We ended up sitting there together for about an hour at the base of it just watching everyone get excited that they were there (along with us), and basking in the amazing loving energy all around. The sun set and it lit up right before our eyes. We kissed, laughed and planned future travel right there and then, so thank you from the bottom of my very heart for providing us with that experience. Lets not forget taking the elevator to the very top, my god was that another pinch me moment. There we were, up the top of your magnificent tower literally among the clouds, looking down on Paris falling more in love than ever. It’s one of those stories I will take joy in telling future grandchildren. We were so so lucky to have found an apartment quite literally across the road so took major major delight in going to sleep and waking up with the Eiffel tower right outside our window.Like I said Paris, you are Magical with a capital M.
We climbed your Arc De Triomphe, visited your Louvre, walked through your magnificent parks, ate in your dimly lit, incredibly sexy restaurants….we got exactly what we wanted in all that we did, ate, saw & felt. 
We vibed with you, loved you and just wanted to thank you…for being who you are, and giving Morgs & I some of our most unforgettable memories on what truly is our trip of a lifetime. 
With a heart full of thanks & utter joy & awe,

Anna x



  1. Anna Ogilvie Reply

    We didn’t realise until we were there just how romantic it really was Sabie 🙂 will certainly make another travel list in years to come. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment 🙂 x

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      Thank you!! 🙂 we went a little photo crazy in Paris! Haha there was over 600 in 4 days so it was hard to pick the favs to share with everyone on the blog. X

  2. Sam Reply

    Hi Anna, I am so sorry I’ve been so out of touch…exams and studying have been keeping me busy. I loved seeing Paris from your point of view, it looks even more magical that I had imagined.

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      Don’t ever worry about that lovely – what do they say? Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. It should really be me that should apologise. I havent been able to visit all my fav blogs as much as Id like since travelling but Im home in 2 weeks & all will resume as normal 🙂 Thanks for stopping by & leaving such a thoughtful comment xx

  3. Anya Volkov Reply

    You should wear lipstick more often, it looks amazing on you! x

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      I heart you & your comment, I always want to but chicken out as I worry it doesn’t ‘suit’ me…but Paris, oh Paris, Red lipstick worn all day is as normal as breathing air, I LOVED it xo

  4. Eve.H Reply

    There´s no word in your post I wouldn´t agree with. There´s no other city in Europe I would love more than Paris. I´ve been there twice and I wish to come back again and explore what I missed before. The city only makes everyone fall in love and people who already are in love fall even harder. Btw you look like a true french belle with that red lipstick on 😉
    xx Eve.h

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      I knewww you & I would see eye to eye on this Eve 🙂 Since we’ve met through blogging you have always said you Love Paris so I thought of you and wondered what you had done and if we had done the same things as I was strolling through the streets. Morgs & I have put it on our ‘must visit again list’ – & I truly hope its sooner rather than later 🙂 So glad you thought I looked French with the lippy on, I had planned the red lip the day we booked Paris 🙂 Hope study & life is well lovely xx

  5. Courtney Reply

    You are beyond cute!! This is cuh a beautiful post and it looks like you and Morgs had a perfect time in the city of love!! So glad you loved it and got caught up in it’s beauty! xx

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      Thank you gorgeous!! And yup, Paris just had the most magical vibe we’ve ever experienced, I think ending up there when it was a colder too just added to it all 🙂 xox

  6. O Reply

    How are you two doing? I don’t really have to ask, Paris looks just magical! One of my favorite cities in Europe! Keep warm and enjoy! Xo

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      So so so well lovely 🙂 We are home in 11 days so its all almost over but we’re totally ok and almost excited about that. Paris WAS magical 🙂 Hope everything is wonderful in your world xo

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