Wedding update; Introducing our bridal party

Something magical happened over this past weekend, a day so memorable and exciting I think I cried and laughed and squealed and hugged more in a short few hours than I have in my whole life.
Morgs and I asked our girls and guys to be our Maid of Honour, Best Man, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. 
We picked our Dream Team!
It finally feels real. 
The emotions I can share with those that will be standing beside us on our biggest day feels unreal and the excitement we are all now feeding off is in-explainable. 
I took this whole asking thing very seriously though. I truly believe that the choice to accept a ring, the choice to promise yourself to one person for the rest of your life, the decision to enter in to a contract of marriage – I go in to it with a lot of love and excitement – but with a hugely serious side to it as well. 
Vows, to me are promises. Promises that, throughout your life with the one you said I do to, you will refer back to time and time and time again to remind yourself that on that beautiful day, out of all the souls on earth, you both choose each other to make those promises to. 
On that day though, you have not just a room full of your favourite people witnessing those vows, you have a set of your nearest and dearest beside both the bride and groom, who are there to then support you as friends throughout your marriage.
And THAT, is hugely important and held a lot of loving weight for Morgs & I. 
So, when it came to picking our bridal party – asking the people we love SO dearly to stand by us on the day we promise our forevers, I wanted them to know how much it meant to us to have them on our team.
I spent my Saturday just gone sitting with each of them individually doing our favourite things (champagne with my sister and then a breakfast, coffee date & lunch date respectively with my other soul sista’s) giving them a box chock full’o hand made love with one incredibly important question in the lid…
I have no words for the love I have for these girls (& guys) and Morgs & I are SO honored they’ll be sharing in on the emotion and love that will be the biggest day of our life…
Without further adue, I am SO excited for you to meet them…


  1. thepuddleduck Reply

    Oh Anna, the way you wrote that was lovely! Such beautiful words, that at this moment for me – make me full of love and excitement for our own day. I would love to catch up and talk all things inspiring and wedding like.
    What a beautiful way to ask your bridesmaids, it’s something I’ve always thought of as important! ♥

  2. Michelle Reply

    Wow that is so cool they way you asked them and how personalised you made it all. You have some special people in your bridal party thats for sure and you really know how to make them feel special too. Love it x

  3. Anya Volkov Reply

    Because I’m such a nosy person, I totally read every line (or as much as my poor eye sight let me!) and had the biggest grin on my face. How lucky you two are to be surrounded by so many amazing people! What a beautiful thing you’ve put together x

  4. Jennifer Mia Reply

    In just a few days I’ve become a addicted follower and think it is so amazing you are living the best times of your life, I have just recently got engaged to what whom I believe is and will always me my better half.. And just reading your blog and actually having someone that’s going there this cool and emotional phase as I am is just exciting, I am currently in the process of asking my bridemaids & his groomsmen 🙂 … Congrats again on your engagement can’t wait to see your next post.

  5. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, I think it´s so lovely to tell/write everyone why you appreciate them and why you want to stand there beside you and then celebrate it all with you. Great idea with the champagne and the gifts! I´m sure you are going to have the best time on your s´wedding day with all these wonderful people by your side. I was the maid of honor to my best friend when she got married last year and even though we didn´t say these things to one another we both knew there is a long past and funny and sad history behind our friendship and I´m going to ask her to return the favor when or if my boyfriend ever proposes. She´s my soul sister even though she lives in Turkey now 😉
    Have a nice Tuesday 🙂
    xx Eve.h

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