What’s on my Monday’s mind


  • Time.
  • We’re in August already and that officially freaks me out.
  • Where has 8 months gone?
  • I remember when I was little and Christmas felt like it was 20 years away each year.
  • Now I feel when we’re in January, I blink, and it’s July and Myer are already putting up Christmas tree’s.
  • When I was younger days felt like they’d never end and from getting up till bed time the world was my playground.
  • I loved riding my bike with my brothers and climbing trees till Mum eventually called us inside as it was getting dark.
  • Now a days my 8am-5pm in the office feels like it flys by and night time is no slower.
  • I remember Summer holidays felt like they’d never end – and I was fine with that.
  • Where has time gone?
  • Is it simply as we get older time feels like it’s going faster as we’re just too busy to slow down and enjoy the small things?
  • Or is time really speeding up?
  • I think it’s just perception of time going faster.
  • I really do need to slow down sometimes.
  • And enjoy moments more often.
  • I have 4 months of this year left and I’m going to make sure that my seconds, minutes, hours, days and months count.

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  1. Taj Acosta Reply

    I can’t believe it’s August either!! I’m trying to enjouy the rest of this summer here and the year!! Thanks for the sweet comment dear! Hope to see you again soon! xo Taj

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