What’s on my Monday’s

  • Goals.
  • Goals, goals, goals, goals.
  • Not the kind I watched all weekend where cute boys kicked an odd shaped ball through 3 sticks (commonly known as Australian Rules Football or AFL).
  • No.
  • I’m talking about things you write down (or think of) that you hope to achieve in a certain amount of time.
  • I think I need some new ones.
  • Everybody needs some new motivation and inspiration and I feel like I’m at that stage where I need to have some new focus.
  • When I was little I used to want to be in this order – a fire fighter, a ballerina and a hotel owner.
  • Now I just want to do a million things all business related and rule my own world.
  • Travel to exotic places, go on breathe taking adventures and meet extraordinary people.
  • I think if we dream it, and believe it, we can live it.
  • I wanted a degree and got it, a business, and I have one, and a trip to Europe and it’s being planned as we speak.
  • There should never be any shame in what you would love to achieve and what you have already.
  • It’s something I’m learning with age.
  • Whatever you hope for or dream up can be possible with the right goals and motivation.
  • So here’s to your dreams, wishes and future goals.

The photo for today was found here. I saw a similar photo over the weekend and just loved the idea of a girl in a meadow. So whimsical. I particularly love this photo as she looks so free & happy. Something we all deserve.


  1. Lindsay @ Delighted Momma Reply

    Yes goals are so important! I like to write mine down and read them daily so I don’t lose focus.

    Thank you SO much for the sweet comment on my blog and I am so happy to hear that you are benefiting from some of the tips!

  2. I agree too! My hubby and I were just having this same conversation! We get so caught up in the day to day stuff, that we forget to make real life goals!

    Thanks too, for stopping by my blog!

  3. Blue Reply

    Setting goals really helps me become the person I want to be. I wrote a post about them right after my birthday: Running at least 3 times a week, writing 10 short stories in the next year, learning Dutch and saving up money for a DSLR…

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