Why I think you’re perfect

I have had this piece of writing I’m sharing today inside me for quite some time I just hadn’t sat to write it all down. I felt like it was time to come out though – it is very long but shares some advice that comes from the heart, and was meant to be read by somebody at just the right time. Have a whimsical and peaceful weekend xx

It’s ok .. 

I know this might sound or seem a little silly or strange, but I want you to do something with me now, with nobody else around….

Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, and repeat the following words either aloud or in your head. “It’s ok. I’M ok. Everything is ok.”
I now want you to really believe that – that it really is ok. I was so lucky when I went to Bali to see a beautiful ‘healer’ named Sammy who in essence, was ‘just’ a very intuitive physiotherapist – and I mean very intuitive, to the point where, whether you believe in psychics or not, Sammy was saying things about myself not a single soul in this world would know, things I hadn’t even ever said aloud, just thought. It was an incredible experience, more so than anything, just to have aches and pains worked out of my limbs and the stresses of life massaged away – things that I had been carrying around for months, even years.
As I was laying there having the stresses of the past few years massaged out of my body though (& learning about my chakra) Sammy stopped working on me, patted my arm and said with a quietness, calm and confidence like no other “it’s ok, you’re ok, believe that it’s ok” – I don’t know where it came from, nor do I care, but I burst in to uncontrollable sobs. Sammy just smiled, like he knew that was going to be my reaction before I even did it, and then told me to close my eyes and continued working on my muscles. I laid and cried for quite some time. It was for the first time in a long time that I wasn’t crying because I was sad or angry, and the first time that I hadn’t tried to stop myself from crying and be positive again – I just let myself cry, sob infact and be in that moment. Why was I crying though – because for whatever reasons, those words were exactly what I had been looking to hear without me realising it – I’m ok. Words that I think we all need to hear.
After the work Sammy had done we sat and talked and talked and he said he believed I was in Bali at the exact time I was meant to be there, seeing him exactly when I needed to, and at the exact right stage of life, and I have never felt more connected to words than in those few hours. I believe he was right, and I was meant to be there, and I was meant to hear what I did, but out of everything, I still found it interesting that out of all his wisdom, just hearing 2 words – it’s ok – is what resonated most for me.
Life’s funny like that though – sometimes all it takes is a stranger, in a different country, with an obvious language barrier to bring me right back down to earth and realise that hey, you know what it IS ok. I AM ok. Everything is OK. I think also however, that I was also meant to hear it to pass it on to others though which is why I want you to believe it today.
It’s ok.
So you had some goals and dreams that feel out of your grasp at the moment? It’s ok. You haven’t saved for a house loan yet and you really thought you would have by this age? It’s ok. You aren’t in a great head space like you usually are at the moment and have lost touch with who you are? It’s ok. You promised yourself that you would be over your ex by now but you still aren’t? It’s ok.
You’re ok.
Life is a journey that you need to embrace with all its up’s, and all its down. We need to remember that not everything is always going to be perfect, it’s not always going to be easy, and it definitely won’t always go to plan. And that’s ok. We have been given this gift of life for a reason – and each person on this earth is here trying to find or assign their own meaning to it, so just remember next time you’re stressed out or a goal wasn’t reached or you are disappointed – that it’s ok. That’s the great thing about life though, we’ve got second, and third, and fourth & even fifth chances – so use them. It’s never too late to try again, to set a new goal to try to quit smoking for the 4th time,  to find love after failed attempts or to change careers. So go for it – all of it, but remember, that no matter what, it’s always going to be ok. 


  1. Fashion-Bridge Reply

    Dear! It’s a beautiful post! First of all I find it’s really amazing and even brave that you could share such deep and personal emotions with us, your readers to help us understand something, calm down, forget about stress and actually believe in ourselves.
    I’m happy that you had this amazing moment in Bali to come back to the core yourself.
    Thank you or your words of wisdom. I should repeat them more often than I do.

    It’s a beautiful, true and very sincere post!




    • Anna Reply

      Naw thank you Alexandra!! Your words are very sweet & appreciated, I always believe that life is about sharing and if it doesn’t help people they at least like to relate which is what spurs me on. I think we all need to repeat it more often than we do 🙂 xx

  2. Anya Volkov Reply

    Great post Anna! This is why I don’t want to plan my retreat getaway too far in advance. I want to go when I feel it’s the right time. How far in advance did you book? x

    • Anna Reply

      With Europe bookings hun? We booked far’ish in advance (because the olympics happen to be on and we thought people going over for that might take advantage of the fact they’re in Europe). We are going in to it with the attitude of if things get stuffed up, or double booked or go wrong to just go with it .. the struggles over there will be just a big a learning curve & adventure than the moments that are perfect 🙂 xx

  3. Outside Looking In Reply

    Great post—I have a lot of stressful things coming up next week so I needed to read this—no matter what happens, it’s all still ok. Have a great weekend!

  4. hope in high heels Reply

    What wonderful and wise advice. How often do you ever stop to and let yourself feel that everything is ok the way it is, without thinking about what you’re striving for, or unhappy with…. Never… Until now that is. Thanks for sharing lovely. Hope you’re having a great weekend x

  5. Belinda Reply

    Anna, you have left me speechless – and that’s no easy feat!! Beautiful post from your heart. Thank you for sharing xoxo

    • Anna Reply

      Nawww B I get it because I’m sure it’s as hard to leave me speechless 😉 .. It was from the heart & I knew you’d get that xxx

  6. aki! Reply

    Your blog somehow never stops reminding me of Eat, Pray, Love.

    I totally agree with the message but I hate how easy it is to say and hear but how hard it can be to accept and truly believe.

    • Anna Reply

      I certainly had my own little Eat Pray Love moments over in Bali! 🙂 I agree completely with you though and in fact said over the weekend when I was struggling with something that the hardest advice to listen to is your own. x

  7. Michela Mazzon Reply

    lovely post and pics!If you like come to my blog, we can follow each other and exchange some advice! I love to relate with other bloggers! It helps me improve! 🙂 kisses!
    My Daily Style

  8. O Reply

    Love this post! I am pretty exhausted too, need to have some early nights to catch up with myself, but I keep postponing it. I briefly closed my eyes (at work) and didn’t want to open them again, so I’ll try you affirmation when I’m at home LOL. The weather in August should be better in Europe (but can’t promise), so I hope you are still excited! xoxo

  9. Lucy Reply

    Just like it was the right moment for you to be in Bali I think this was a good moment for me to read this post. Thanks! EVERYTHING IS OK! yay!

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