Working & What I wear (Tues)

I have a simple belief in that we’re all here in life to be involved and to make a mark on the world as small or as big as you wish it to be. I adore people with passion for anything they do and I think it’s fantastic when people are living to work not working to live (you’ve heard that saying before I’m sure!). Its an odd saying sure, who would want to live to work? BUT, when it comes down to it, taking the average situation, we spend 5 out of 7 days working and most of our hours there so why would you not be striving to live to work. I think in that scenario as well you seek out roles that you love instead of roles that just get you by.

When it comes to my job, I still have bad days. Gosh I’ve had some really bad days. But I think going back to loving what you’re doing, bad days are just that. You can get through them, and still feel challenged and passionate about what you’re working for – don’t get me wrong that big glass of red wine at the end of the day is a big help in getting through bad days also.

These snaps are taken from these past sitting weeks – functions in the evening, covering rallys out the front of parliament, crashing a petting zoo & holding a snake – I do work I swear and walking around the hallways to show off the art (parliament has art everywhere)

[ Myself & Colleagues – Jarrod & Amanda, at a work function ]
[ The aforementioned huge artwork – p.s this photo actually cuts half of it off ]

[ A zoo brought some Australian animals along to Parliament to talk about how some animals are at the risk of becoming endangered. I was walking past the event so went along & ended up holding a snake ] 


  1. Natasha Reply

    Love this & your previous post. It’s great that you have a job that you adore & love (and a great wardrobe to style yourself with!). The saying is cliche but you’re so right that we shouldn’t be working to live considering the amount of time we spent there.


  2. Wida Reply

    Ah! That’s so awesome. Seems like a fun day.

    You’re from Perth? The only reason I’ve heard of Perth is from Bon Iver’s song ‘Perth’

    You should really listen to that song!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Emmanuella Reply

    woow having a snake in my hand, i think it’s a thing that will never happen otherwise i’ll die lol I hate them and I really scared of them!!!
    Anyway bad days are part of life, i think they make us appreciate the happy ones more.
    Hope everything will goes well very very soon 🙂
    Btw thank you for your nice comment, you’re a very kind person i can already see it!

  4. Katia Reply

    Great post 🙂 Cute photos too, I love what I do too (well in school) but I do have off days too, those just make the good ones better though, right?

  5. Jess Reply

    Holy snake!! Not sure I could do it…

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Mademoiselle Poirot Reply

    Great post and if my passion (arts & crafts) paid enough, I’d be living to work…as it stands I work to live and then go home to do what I love: sewing cushions, painting, crafting. Thanks for your super-nice comment on those cushions. If everything goes well, they might be up for sale soon and – who knows – then I might live to work too 😉 Have a lovely weekend xo

  7. HollyLou Reply

    How darling are those owls! Loving your blog girly! X

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