Working & What I wear

[ Pants – Bettina Liano, Top – Cotton On, Blazer – Cotton On ]

I wanted to share with you this week a massive part of my life that I love – Work. Yep, I consider myself really lucky as I love my job. I mean really love my job. I am not writing this in case the boss man ever happened to take interest in the blog either – his too busy anyway – it’s because I really do appreciate that I get to do something every day that I love and work with some incredible people, and in the spirit of sharing what I love and inspires me, my job is a big part of that. So what is it that I do then? I work in politics for a Federal member of parliament. Whatttttt??? A boring politician!? I hear you all say in unison. Sure, that is the opinion of some but being involved in a world where the key decision making of Australia is made, I find it fascinating and exciting. I never wanted to get in to politics, my degree isn’t in politics, and I have no aspirations to be a politician in the future, but right now it’s one of the things that gets me up every morning, keeps my brain interested and is teaching me so many things I never dreamed possible.

One of the great opportunities I’m very grateful for is the travelling I get to do to Canberra for Parliamentary sittings. Sure it’s cold, and yep the days are long but I love getting to listen to legislation being debated all day – call me crazy, the extra bit of urgency and stress that comes with any work over here and lots of little social coffee and dinner dates with other staffers and Members throughout the week – we’ve got to have a little fun after all right?

I thought this week, with me actually being over in Canberra for said Parliamentary sitting I would bring to you some highlights of the day and the outfits worn around Parliament house throughout the week as a bit of a sneak peak of my job!

[ Outside our office – there are 22km of hallways in Parliament house ]
[ Mucking around in Channel 9 studios – this is where they do live crosses on things like the Today show p.s I was very casual this day as it was Friday! Which means the house isn’t sitting ]
[ Inside the chamber – you’re allowed phones etc in there on days Parliament isn’t sitting so I naturally had to act the tourist, whilst also being an employee ]


  1. Anne Reply

    You look stunning!Have a fab week!!

  2. Emmanuella Reply

    It’s very casual chic but elegant too, I adore!

  3. Duaba Reply

    im obsessed with blazers. it punches up any outfit. ur totally rocking the look.

    im definitely not the type to work in politics but i have massive respect for anyone that does. i do relate to the love of the extra stress. it just makes life a little bit mroe exciting

  4. Eve.H Reply

    I love the whole outfit from the glasses to shoes 🙂 Well done 😉 And who says that the politics are boring? xx Eve

  5. Tanja-Mia Reply

    Hej, such a nice post!
    I like your blog, the pictures are so great.
    Check out mine 🙂

  6. Miss Priyanca Reply

    Love you workwear outfit, especially the ‘take me seriously’ glasses. You have so much passion in what you do, which is so rare now a days!

  7. Melu103 Reply

    i love your outfit!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant wait until california cools
    down so i can start wearing my blazers

    it’s fantastic when you love what you do
    great motivation to go to work everyday
    i am happy for you

    have an awesome day love!


  8. Coté Writes Reply

    That blazer and your glasses are so sweetly chic. Thank you for sharing more about your work with the parliament as well, Anna! I think it’s so awesome that not only do you love your job, but you also have the self-aware perspective about how rare it is to actually feel good about what you do day in and day out for work.

    I think it is so important to either love your work or to be able to identify ways in which your work makes you love your life. I’m so happy knowing that you’ve got both of these scenarios going for you right now. Have a lovely day, my dear, and thank you so much for your happy bloggy birthday wishes! 😉 -Jennifer

  9. Fash Boulevard Reply

    I love your outfit with the blazer. It is professional perfection! 🙂 Now following your blog.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on Fash Boulevard. I would love for you to stop by again soon. xo


  10. HollyLou Reply

    I love statement pieces like your gorgeous blazer! Super cute blog! X

  11. alicia Reply

    Love your blazer! I need one like that 🙂

  12. Belinda Reply

    I’ve suddenly decided I need, want, have to have, a pair of geek chic glasses. So fab :). Loving that work outfit so hard.

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