Your life is not black and white and so why should you be?

I truly believe the fastest way to an aligned life where you feel truly fulfilled, is loving and owning ALL parts of you. It’s about never trying to fit a mould or a title (I am part unicorn, part bad ass part who knows after that). There is no black and white in this life and you’re allowed to be an oxymoron. In fact, getting comfortable with that is where alignment (for me) occurs.

I don’t like titles. I don’t like moulds (and come to think of it I don’t like rules either) … And here is why;

You’re allowed to …

Live with grace AND be uncouth.
Be so cool, calm & confident AND messy and complicated.
Embrace your light AND your shadows.
ROCK at knowing the direction you’re headed in AND be all over the place.
Be a total dreamer AND a complete realist.
Nail being an extrovert at times AND be ok that you’re also wildly an introvert.
Lead with love (always) AND never take any shit.
Live in your certainty AND be ok that regularly you’re going to have no f*cking idea.
Be an ambassador for health AND love and adore your love of Champagne {insert favourite beverage / deep fried deliciousness here}
Laugh until your belly aches and smile until your face hurts AND cry until in to what feels like the depths of your soul.
Dance to the beat of your own drum AND be inspired to walk the exact path of those who have drummed before you.
Believe in yourself with all you’ve got AND doubt everything you have ever done in the blink of an eye.

You get the point.

It’s ok that you can be a walking dichotomy is my point. You’re a vegan who occasinally craves (or eats) a steak or a Buddhist who loves 2pac? EXCELLENT, that just makes you human (and makes me love you even more to be honest).

We are made by what both makes and breaks us, by what we love and what makes us grow and by our triumphs and our tribulations, and I feel like ignoring or trying to play down the paradox and mess is where, for me anyway, the mis alignment begins.

Now excuse me whilst I go and meditate whilst working out, eat a salad today whilst planning my next hot chip consumption and gracefully move in between all paradoxes of my own self.

And my only hope and wish for you, is that you give yourself the grace and space to do the same.

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